NAVUG Schedule

NAVUG sessions are categorized into learning tracks centered on job role. While Summit provides varying levels of education, regarding many different topics that are relevant to a larger audience, Focus concentrates on 4 very specific learning tracks. Attend advanced, deep-dive sessions in one track or jump between tracks for a truly customized conference experience.

Explore the schedule of 55+ sessions, track descriptions and recommended job roles to see what is waiting for you at Focus.

NAVUG Track Descriptions




Are you realizing all of the benefits of Dynamics NAV that you should be? Whether it's increased decision insight, fewer errors, faster closes, or better board and regulatory reporting, there are many ways that Dynamics NAV can help. Sessions in this track will focus on advanced insights on how your team can use the application, and related tools, to achieve your financial and strategic objectives.

Recommended for these Job Roles:

  • CFO/Controller



If you code in Dynamics NAV you will not want to miss this opportunity to get up to speed on the significant changes to the development environment and tools over the past two versions. You’ll dive deep on Extensions 2.0, VSCode and the new compiler, the in-client designer, and more. Of course you’ll hear from Microsoft MVPs and other experts advanced sessions on topics like design patterns, RDLC, data exchange framework, code management, integration, PowerShell, and more.

Recommended for these Job Roles:

  • Developer

Distribution/Logistics Manager


If you’re involved in the movement of product into or out of your four walls, or anywhere through your supply chain, join us for deep-dive sessions to help you take advantage of the latest innovations in processes and technologies to improve your supply chain effectiveness and efficiency. Sessions will range from strategic opportunities about leveraging SCM services and technologies, to operational topics, to improve shipping efficiencies and inventory visibility.

Recommended for these Job Roles:

  • Distribution Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • Warehouse Manager

NAV Administrator


Whether you're a part- or full-time system administrator for your Dynamics NAV installation, or were "voluntold" to fill in, we want to help you work smarter, not harder. This track focuses on best practices and tips that NAV administrators should know to be more efficient and productive, while reducing risk and errors. We’ll cover a range of topics around environment management, upgrades, project management, the newest UI and reporting options, and more.

Recommended for these Job Roles:

  • System Administrator

Did you know?
PUG sessions are happening concurrently and NAVUG attendees are able to attend. 

You are also eligible to add-on two days to attend D365UG/CRMUG and D365UG/AXUG sessions. Additional payment required.

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Focus allows participants to go beyond the basics of a topic. Each deep-dive session offers more time to reinforce a concept, process or feature. Equipped with this deeper understanding, participants can leave with practical examples, things to consider and best practices.

Sarah Jelinek, Focus 2017 Programming Committee Member