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NAVUG Post-Conference Academy

Partner Academy - NAVUG: VSCode and Modern NAV Development - 2-Day Workshop
May 23-24, 2018 | 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


The goal of this 2-day Partner workshop is to learn about the new development tool for Dynamics NAV, VSCode, and to experience what AL programming is about.

  • What makes AL different from C/AL
  • How do you build and deploy a new NAV feature
  • How can I convert my current code into AL


  • Introduction VSCode - Day 1
    • What is VSCode?
    • How to setup VSCode as development tool for Dynamics NAV
    • How to personalize and extend VSCode
  • A First Step into AL - Day 1
    • Setup your first AL project
    • Start coding your first feature, i.e. extension, in AL
  • Debugger - Day 1
    • How to debug your extension
  • In-Client Designer - Day 1
    • How to redesign pages to your need
    • How to use it as your visual designer together with VSCode
  • Build an example module - Hands-on project in which we will build a small, new example module that - Day 1 & 2
    • Is built from scratch
    • uses different object types
    • integrates with standard NAV
    • implements well known design patterns
    • and more
  • Convert C/AL to AL - Day 2
    • Prepare your C/AL code for conversion
    • Perform conversion
    • Solve issues


  • Each participant should have a full NAV 2018 installation at his disposal
    • The latest cumulative update
    • Including Modern Development module and web client
    • Test that web client is working
  • With a NAV 2018 updated development license
  • VSCode installed

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