Focus 2018

Dive in Deep. Emerge an Expert.

The premier conference to attend for concentrated Microsoft Dynamics and Power BI learning through 90-minute sessions presented by technical experts.

Indianapolis, May 21-24

Focus grew from the desire of Dynamics and Power BI users to dig deeper into the topics most pertinent for success in their role/industry. The unique learning structure allows Focus to provide the immersive education needed to bring skills and confidence to a new level.

Attendees can customize their learning plan based on their needs and network with peers in similar roles who face the same issues on a daily basis. The knowledge gained can be used to train others within attendees’ organizations.

 27413666340_bc591cdc62_z.jpg"Summit provides broad exposure to a wide variety of topics whereas Focus takes a ‘deep-dive’ into a specific area for deeper knowledge of the content.
So I guess you could say that Summit is wide, but not deep and Focus is deep, but not wide!"

- Jimmy Stewart, Director of Finance, Shentel


Extend the value of Focus year-round through a User Group Membership.

"Focus is a freshly baked conference which includes ingredients such as seasonally rotated topics, classic hot topics, and a beautiful finish with industry experts."


Matthew McGinley, IT Director, NAVUG Focus Programming Committee

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